4 Deliciously Different Desserts You Can Make With Sugar Cookie Dough

Shhh... we're sharing our biggest holiday baking secret with you! And the secret is simply this — a good old basic sugar cookie dough can be the base for a lot more than a classic cutout. Sugar cookies are always an easy, go-to option during the holiday season, but we have ideas for this Christmas standby that go above and beyond decorating ideas. This season, try one of these seriously sweet new holiday desserts — like chocolate- and butterscotch-topped shortbread, festive ice cream, and white chocolate truffles — that are sure to stand out from the cookie table and impress your guests!

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Recipes by Maria Siriano of Sift & Whisk.

By Lauren Haslett

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Maria Siriano
Eggless Sugar Cookies

This basic cookie dough recipe skips the eggs and instead uses sour cream in its base to keep them soft and moist. Bake as directed, or as use as a starter for one our other cookie dough-based dessert recipes!

Recipe: Eggless Sugar Cookies

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