16 Showstopping New Ideas for Latkes

Potato latkes are a Hanukkah staple (as you well know), providing a vehicle for heaps of apple sauce and sour cream. But latkes can act as a vessel for so much more than just the go-to toppings. Each one of these latkes brings something new to the holiday table — even if you get a few puzzled looks when you first lay them down — and your friends and family will quickly see the beauty of these less traditional latkes.

Looking for other inventive additions to your Hanukkah feast? Try these dishes made to celebrate all 8 nights.

By Hannah Petertil

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Jesse Lane Wellness
Gluten-Free Latke
Start the festivities off right with a latke everyone can eat — rice flour is an easy swap that makes these cakes suitable for gluten-free folks.

Get the recipe from Jesse Lane Wellness.

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