Healthy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes

Nothing says "You're the best, Mom" like a meal of made-with-love brunch eats. But Mom shouldn't expect to dine alone. When these 13 tasty dishes hit the table, Dad and the kids will have their plates ready to fill, too! If you want to treat Mom's taste buds all day long, add these sweet and savory Mother's Day recipes to your menu, and finish off the day with a beautiful cake.

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Kate Mathis
Healthy French Toast

Our slimmed-down take on this Sunday-morning favorite is practically saintly. Subbing in low-fat milk and egg whites gives it half the fat and a third less cholesterol than traditional French toast. Plus, it's a cinch to whip up. One more blessing in disguise: You can still serve it with maple syrup, which is naturally fat-free.

Recipe: Healthy French Toast

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