1 Dough, 10 Cookies: Easy Ways to Take Store-Bought Cookie Dough From So-So to Spectacular

Every year, we get extra ambitious around Christmastime. Family and friends are arriving, there are gifts to be given, and we want to treat our loved ones right — and that means making lots and lots of cookies! But making batch after batch of baked goods from scratch can seem like a huge effort when you also need to travel, shop, and plan holiday parties. So this Christmas, save time (and still come off looking insanely impressive) by jazzing up one or two really big batches of store-bought sugar cookie dough — divide it up, add a few simple mix-ins, and you'll be the hero of every cookie swap and holiday party this season!

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By Lauren Haslett and Zoe Bain

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Joslyn Blair
You'd never guess that you could create this many different cookies from a roll of store-bought dough, would you? We used Pillsbury's pre-made sugar cookie dough for these recipes, but you could certainly use your family's favorite brand or make your own, if you prefer.
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