Suds and Sustenance: 9 Breweries with Truly Excellent Food

For all the folks out there who prefer to take a mighty tasty spread with their brews, we salute you. And so do these breweries, which also happen to serve great food. From gourmet restaurants attached to micro- and craft-breweries to brewpubs that make both great beer and food in house, check out these great places across the country to sip and sup.

Seek out great food when you're on go? Then you'll want to know about the best airport food across the U.S.

By Jolene M. Bouchon

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Courtesy of Wicked Weed Brewing
Wicked Weed Brewing - Asheville, NC

The name is a nod to Henry VIII, who pronounced hops "a wicked and pernicious weed" that would be the ruin of beer. Thank the Queen that the folks at Wicked Weed didn't listen. Enjoy their IPAs and Belgian-style ales with their seasonal menu of "elegant bar food," such as Scottish salmon with butter beans, corn, and a tarragon sauce or a antibiotic- and hormone-free bison burger with haystack shallots and blue cheese slaw.

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