Game On: Bars and Cafes Where You Can Bond with Friends Over Games

Tired of simply hanging out and drinking at bars? Want more out of your local cafe than a quiet place to get work done? Then head to one of these bars or cafes around the U.S. that are all fun and games, literally, whether you're looking to bowl with beer in hand, swill ale over an arcade game, or sip coffee over a game of Sorry! Let the games begin!

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By Jolene M. Bouchon

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Courtesy of GameHäus Cafe
GameHäus Cafe; Glendale, CA

It's a good thing this popular LA County spot serves hearty fare, such as sandwiches and pizza, alongside the usual cafe drinks and pastries. For just $5, you can play board games all day and night, from classics like Risk and Monopoly to more obscure European titles, like Agricola and Carcassonne. And with over 900 games to choose from, you might be there a while.

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